preparing to present to BID 4

Hi Demitra,
We just met to discuss details and timeline for our project. We’d be happy to make either date, January or February. That said, we have a lot of details in progress — process, art content, and funding — and we’d have a more fleshed out presentation to give in February. If it was possible, we could give a short presentation at both meetings, i.e. introducing the concept and organizations we’re working with on 1/17 and then giving updates on progress for the 2/21 meeting. We’re getting more and more eager about the ambitious project, which means there are more details to figure out, which is very exciting.
Let us know what you think.
Adam & Sonja


On Jan 3, 2013, at 11:41 AM, Hi Demitra wrote:

Hi Sonja and Adam,

hope you are well. I am writing to inform you that our monthly meeting for the month of January is around the corner.  It is scheduled for Thursday January 17th at noon.  Nancy has informed me she drafting the meeting topics and wants to know if you are still planning on giving a short presentation …. she would allot you approx. 15 minutes. You had also mentioned you might not be prepared and would shoot for the February meeting which is on Thursday February 21st at noon.
Please up date us as to what will work for you…………
and HAPPY 2013 !!!!



Grazie, ciao…..


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