Grant from BID4

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Historic Mitchell Street is served by Greater Mitchell Street‘s Business Improvement District 4, a group committed to bolstering business in the Historic Mitchell Street area. Our first move on the street was to establish a relationship with BID 4, as their deep knowledge of the area and extensive network of relationships will be an invaluable resource for Listening to Mitchell.

The board members, as well as the BID’s wonderful Executive Director, Nancy Bush, have been extremely supportive of the project. They have invested in the energy Listening to Mitchell will bring to the street, generously agreeing to support the project financially. We are very much looking forward to a close relationship with them throughout the course of the project.


2 responses to “Grant from BID4

  1. I juet finidhed leaving part of my story at 414 921-2622, but I didn’t know what you meant by “leave an account number and click the pound key when finished. so, I just hit the pound key. My name is Yvonne Petrusich, Phone number is 414-529-5863. I’d appreciate a call back, as I would like to tell you more than I did, about the 1963 pages from the Milwaukee Journal, and more about Goldmans and other stores. I’ll be home most of the day, today. Otherwise, the best time to contact me is after 1:00PM untill Midnight, almost every day/ Thank You, Yvonne Petrusich

    • Thank you so much for your comment and call Yvonne. We’re happy you want to be a part of the project. The artists are busy with production and installation of the artwork, as we’re preparing for the Mitchell Street Sun Fair this coming weekend. If you’d like to try to call in again and tell us more about the 1963 pages and other stores, we’d really appreciate your story.

      1. Dial 414 921 2622
      2. press 0 followed by the # key, wait for prompt
      3. then press the # key to begin recording and # again when you are finished.

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