Objects, to be returned


The treasures, keepsakes, family heirlooms, and memories have been dusted off and photographed. Our collection of objects has grown over the course of the project and are now in the process of being returned to their owners.


2 responses to “Objects, to be returned

  1. If it’s not too late….I have many memories about Mitchell Street dating back to about 1951, when my Mom worked at Sears at Christmas time, in the gift-wrap department. We lived only a block away. When we moved away (all the way to 36th street!, we returned by city buses, to shop. Schuster’s had a “restaurant” that was always a treat. Was it Hill’s brothers that had a balcony around the perimeter? lamps….My Mom visited in 90’s to replace a crystal for a table lamp.In the 50’s, my parents regulary “sent” us, by bus, to Sunday matinees at the Modjeska
    Theatre…guess they needed some non-kid time. My favorite store was The Grande…in fact, it was there I bought my wedding dress in Feb,1974…..a victorian style , reduced from $200 to $60 because it was a “winter” style….out of season. The color was “tealight”…new off-whites fairly new at that time. I still have it if you’re interested.
    In 2006, I returned with my daughter to shop “the bridal stores”. Many other memories……
    When the “new” Brookfield Square opened in the sixties I was happy the find “The Grande” there…

    • Jackie, thank you so much for sharing this with us! I love name of that color you mentioned, “tealight”.

      We’d love to hear more about what it was like when you returned to the street to shop with your daughter in 2006; your impression of the street closer to the present. We’d really appreciate your contribution to the Listening to Mitchell audio project. Please call in — 414 921 2622 — and tell us more!

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