Brew City Safari, from West to East

Christian Matson-Alvirez, founder and organizer of Brew City Safari, has created a simple but powerful model — pick a neighborhood (or a handful of neighborhoods), learn a little bit about it, and then explore it by foot with a group of like-minded folks. He’s done urban hikes in many parts of the city and Adam was asked to co-lead Brew City Safari’s urban hike for June. The theme was “From West to East” on Milwaukee’s south side, with Mitchell Street and the installation as a finale.

The group reached Mitchell Street after about 5 miles of walking, and as soon as we arrived the sky stopped threatening and started to rain. But our spirits were not dampened! We spent some time exploring the street and installation, and everyone came away with a good deal of homework — sites, stores, and more of the installation to explore in the future.

(Photos by Matthew Balz)

Giving some context for the installation, on Forest Home, just before reaching Mitchell Street and as the rain started to fall

The first thing we did on the street — bakery break

A spoken preview of the coming audio installation


At Sasta Bazaar

Finishing on the stairs of St. Stan’s


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