With the Milwaukee Arts Board

It was a treat to give members of the Milwaukee Arts Board a tour — with the installation nearing completion, it’s finally time to walk folks through our project’s story/street!

It’s difficult to articulate the significance of the City of Milwaukee Arts Board’s support for Listening to Mitchell. As our first major funder, they gave us our such an essential building block — without them, there’s no way this project could have happened.

At the west end of the installation, on 12th & Mitchell.

Outside of Holzman Furs with a peak of our map’s prototype.

Polly plays audio piece 19# (Lost in Translations) on speakerphone for the group.

Across the street from Mitchell Mall and our two-chain-installation.

You know who.

Making our way through the middle of the installation.

737 W. Mitchell Street.

We gave the best preview of the coming sound installation we could muster. Although, no number of amount of words can communicate what an immersive experience will feel like.

The end — a Goldmann’s stamp book & Rose Water.


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