Keep coming back to this page and follow our Facebook for more spontaneous happenings/events on the street!

May 31-June 1: Tabling and passing out postcards at the Sun Fair

June 1: Visit from the Chipstone Foundation’s Object Lab 6.0

June 6: Walking tour with Allen-Field Elementary

June 21, 1-5pm: Brew City Safari, West to East, including a tour through Listening to Mitchell

June 30, 4-6pm: Walking tour with the Milwaukee Arts Board

July 11, 6-8pm: Grand Opening for Listening to Mitchell immersive audio experience, 8th & Mitchell

July 13-August 10: Audio installation opening hours at 723 W. Mitchell

  • Thursdays 3:00-6:30pm
  • Fridays 3:00-6:30pm
  • Sundays 2-5pm

July 24Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service visits Listening to Mitchell

July 25: Walking tour with Newaukee

July 31: Walking tour with Quorum Architects

August 7, 5-7pm: Walking tour open to the public (meet at 723 W. Mitchell)

August 8, 12-1pm: Walk on Mitchell with Mayor Barrett (meet at St. Stan’s)

August 26th: Small group tour and talk with MIAD public art students

September 9th: Visit from John Horvath’s UW-Milwaukee photography students

September 12th: Closing reception with interview process participants

September 17th: Walkthrough with South Side community leaders

September 21, 4-5pm: Doors Open Milwaukee in-depth walking tour (meet at the Modjeska Theater)

September 26th: First stop on Newaukee’s Art Bus

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